P.3 Editorial

France: The Immigration Law and the coming fascism By Atmane Tazaghart

P.6 Confidential

MALI-TOUAREG The recapture of Kidal poisons Algerian-Russian relations

FRANCE-TERRORISM Is ISIS behind the false bomb threats?

FRANCE-CHINA A joint initiative on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

USA Warning on terrorist threats from Hamas and Hezbollah

WAR IN GAZA Unusual weapons from Iran

COUNTER-TERRORISM Haro on Brotherhood support networks for Hamas in Europe

WAR OF INFLUENCE NATO concerned about Russian entry into Hungary

P.6 Red Phone

– US satellites focused on Gaza

– A “go-between” between Hezbollah, Paris and Washington

– American investigation into Hamas finances in Algeria and Türkiye

– Hamas transfers its funds to Malaysia

– Reinforcement of Hezbollah air defences

– Sarkozy wants to reconcile Macron and Mohammed VI

P.7 Focus

– The mysteries of the failure of the Israeli’s “Iron Wall” during the October 7 attacks

P.8 Conjunctures

Special Report Anti-Semitism 2.0

Nazislamism Anti-Semitism of Islamist persuasion By Martine Gozlan

Platform “West Zionism”, the imaginary disease of the Arab-Muslim world By Hamid Zanaz

Eichmann trial seen from Cairo The rise of Arab nationalist Judeophobia By Ian Hamel

Ambient anti-Semitism If I were Jewish… By Jean-Marie Montali

Interview Joel Kotek “Islamic anti-Semitism has supplanted that of the far right” By Malika Madi

Platform I am Belgian. I am Jewish, should I leave? By Sara Brajbart-Zajtman and Maurice Einhorn

P.20 Conjunctures

Exclusive IFOP Survey for Screen Watch No, French Muslims do not support Hamas! By the Editorial Board of Global Watch Analysis

P.24 Expertise

Wilding of the world How can we resist the phenomenon of “decivilization of morals”? By Malika Madi

The words of war The cult of life and “martyrology” By Jean-Marie Montali

Belgium The underside of a (not very) educational sheet on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict By Nadia Geerts

Ecology Middle East, the environmental crisis as a window of opportunity and unity By Fabienne Durand

France For a Secular surge against Islamism and its relays By Emmanuel Razavi

P.34 Investigations

“War rape” The ultimate weapon of terror By Jean-Marie Montali

P.38 Investigations

Exclusive IFOP for Elmaniya.TV French Muslims facing questions of religion and secularism By François Krauss

P.50 Investigations

Special Report Wokism, A “small” Totalitarianism on rise

Pierre-André Taguieff “Wokism is the New Age of stupidity” By Ian Hamel

Carine Azopardi “Wokism is the best ally of Islamism” By Cédric Gouverneur

Nora Bussigny “Emerging in the heart of Wokistan” By Erwan Le Moal

P.56 Culture

Books François Xavier Ménage “France is cracking” By Erwan Le Moal

P.58 Post Scriptum

Press release About our commitment against antisemitism By the editorial board of Global Watch Analysis