P.3 Editorial

Is there life after Islamism? By Atmane Tazaghart

P.6 Confidential

HORN OF AFRICA A Russian naval base in Port Sudan?

FRANCE- DIPLOMACY Macron bets on the international scene to overcome the domestic crisis

EUROPE-TERRORISM Anti-Semitic bombing plans: Khamenei’s son at the helm?

NATO A summit dedicated to the Sino-Russian alliance

EUROPE-UNITED STATES Ursula Von Der Leyen to head NATO?

AL-QAEDA AND YEMEN AND THE SAHEL AQIM and AQAP renew their strategic alliance

JIHADIST TERRORISM US State Department to rescue African countries under threat

EUROPE-TERRORISM The new channels of jihad in Eastern Europe

FRANCE-AFRICA Paris maintains its air base in Chad

FRANCE-DIPLOMACY New Summit in Paris on the Libyan crisis?

P.7 Focus

Kenavo, brawt Jean !

P.8 Conjunctures

Special File: De-radicalisation: Is there a life after Islamism?

France De-radicalisation: the Republic’s lost millions By Ian Hamel

Platform De-radicalisation: mirage or reality? By Hamid Zanaz  

Belgium Is deradicalisation a failure? By Malika Madi

Platform deradicalize? No, prevent and anticipate Islamist indoctrination By Emmanuel Razavi

Interview Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio “To fight against radicalisation, we must counter the deadly thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood” Interview by Joseph Martin

P.18 Conjunctures

Brotherism and its networks Florence Bergeaud-Blackler replies to Michael Privot

P.20 Investigations

Report At the heart of Mayotte’s powder keg By Oreste Da Sesta

 P.24 Expertise

“Eldorado Syndrome” Why do migrants go on a killing spree? By Hamid Zanaz

Belgium What is “Ramadan Friendly” the name of? By Nadia Geerts

Communitarianism “Madam, what do you think about wearing the veil?” By Malika Madi

Terrorism Rue Copernic attack: A sabotaged investigation By Ian Hamel

Financing of terrorism Pakistan: the risk of falling back into the FATF grey list By Roland Jacquard

Ecology Energy transition in the Middle East: An unprecedented geopolitical situation By Fabienne Durand

P.36 Interview

Frédéric Encel “France cannot remain a great power without strengthening cooperation with its allies” Interview by Emmanuel Razavi

P.38 Postscript

Should we burn down the debate on ideas? By the Editorial Board of Global Watch Analysis