P.3 Editorial

France: This is not (yet another) suburban riot By Atmane Tazaghart

P.6 Confidential

FRANCE-SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh demands Paris’ support to take over at UNESCO

RUSSIA – ALGERIA Moscow to support Algiers’ application to join BRICS

IRAN-ESPIONAGE Have the Pasdaran recruited a member of the White House Secret Service?

EUROPE-ESPIONAGE Is there a Russian mole within the European institutions?

CHINA-DIPLOMACY Beijing disowns its most famous “warrior wolf”!

TERRORISM ISIS is selling itself short by having financially exhausted the international coalition!

FRANCE-RIOTS Jihadist networks followed the recent urban violence closely

RUSSIA New atomic bunker for Putin

WAR IN UKRAINE Moscow installs hypersonic missiles in Belarus

RUSSIA -TURKEY Erdogan wants to relaunch mediation on the war in Ukraine

P.7 Focus  

Did Prigozhin want to get hold of Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons?

P.8 Conjunctures

P.8/9/10 Interview Thomas Sauvadet “Social networks and crime series make acts of transgression less inhibiting” Interview by Joseph Martin

P.11 Platform The lost territories of national education! By Ian Hamel  

P.12/13 Interview Alain Bauer “Social networks generate a ‘trolling’ of feelings leading to uninhibited hatred” Interview by Gérard Legraud

P.14/15 Testimonial Dealing with juvenile delinquents: the abyss of a society in perdition By Malika Madi

P.16/17 Interview Patrice Schoendorff “The phenomena of the ‘digital crowd’ have an impact on the cognitive perceptions of young people” Interview by Emmanuel Razavi

P.18/19/20 Interview Philippe Pédrot “Digital platforms exercise a gentle cognitive manipulation of consciousness” Interview by Joseph Martin

P.21 Platform That damned notion of urgency that undermines the social contract! By Nadia Geerts 

P.22/23/24 Interview Gilles Platret “Until we declare war on communitarianism, it will be impossible to restore the unity of the Nation” Interview by Emmanuel Razavi

P.25 Platform Immigration and urban violence: is it wrong to see evil? By Hamid Zanaz

 P.26 Expertise

P.26/27 Terrorism Was Carlos’ right-hand man a CIA agent? By Ian Hamel

P.28/29 Belgium-Iran Innocent detainees exchanged for a terrorist! By Nadia Geerts

P.30/31 Mahinur Özdemir Erdogan’s Belgian feminine alibi By Malika Madi

P.32/33 Ecology Technology tackles the environmental crisis in the Middle East By Fabienne Durand

 P.34 Investigations

P.34/35/36/37 Report The unbearable ordeal of Iraqi Christians By Emmanuel Razavi

P.38 Post Scriptum

School in France Diversity VS. Social discord By Jean-Marie Montali