P.3 Editorial

Woke Islamism: The underside of the (unspeakable) “red-green alliance”! By Atmane Tazaghart

P.6 Confidential

WAGNER The secrets of Prigozhin’s last hours

RUSSIA Wagner’s media branch taken over by Putin’s girlfriend?

QATAR Doha wants to acquire military satellites

RUSSIA Former Putin’s security officer testifies to his isolation

IRAN Khamenei criticises rivalries between iranian intelligence services

DEATH OF PRIGOJINE Who will inherit Wagner’s war chest in Africa?

TERRORISM Daesh steps up its propaganda against the “Crusaders”

CYBER TERRORISM Who is behind the mysterious “Sudan Anonymous” hackers?

WAR IN UKRAINE Secret arms sales from South Africa to Russia?

NIGER Threats on the “uranium road”

P.7 Focus

Russian far-right groups train Western white supremacists

P.8 Conjunctures

Special File – What is the Médine Case all about?

DOCTOR MÉDINE AND MISTER ZAOUICHE The (Muslim Bortherist) art of duplicity by the “Tariq Ramadan of rap” By Ian Hamel

TRIBUNE When the French radical left justifies the unjustifiable By Emmanuel Razavi

FROM KARL MARX TO HASSAN AL-BANNA Why is the Woke left flirting with political Islam? By Pierre Rolet

FRANCE & BELGIUM The drift of a left that becomes anti-secular! By Nadia Geerts

INTERVIEW Marc Uytlendaele “Those who claim ‘inclusive neutrality’ are the useful idiots of political Islam” Interview by Malika Madi

P.18 Expertise

FRANCE A fundamentalism called ecologism! By Hamid Zanaz

ISLAMIST ENTRYISM Clandestine prayer rooms at the Free University of Brussels By Nadia Geerts

THINGS SEEN IN GENEVA The indecent bling-bling of billionaires By Malika Madi

CLIMATE CRISIS Towards millions of eco-refugees? By Fabienne Durand

P.28 Investigations

Field Report In French Guyana, narcos rule the roost! By Oreste da Sesta

Field Report Disability: France still lagging behind By Erwan Le Maol

P.36 Culture

Books Charles Onana ‘‘Holocaust in Congo’’ Interview by Joseph Martin

P.38 Post-scriptum

Attacks on secularism 80% of teachers support banning the Abaya at French schools By The editorial board of Global Watch Analysis