P.3 Editorial

Defeat Hamas, and then what? By Atmane Tazaghart

P.6 Confidential

IRAN- LIBYA-GAZA Where do Hamas missiles come from?

AL-QAEDA IN AFRICA AQIM and JNIM bless Hamas attacks

ISRAEL The economic cost of the war against Hamas

ISRAEL-HAMAS-HEZBOLLAH Tsahal prepares for the possibility of a chemical attack

FINANCING OF TERRORISM Hamas financiers under attack

TURKEY-ISRAEL Ankara (also) supports the Arab-Israeli Muslim Brotherhood

IRAN-FRANCE Paris urges moderation from the Islamic Republic

PASDARANS The brains behind the “Palestine branch” of the al-Quds force

IRAN-HAMAS A secret battalion of snipers armed by Iran

P.7 Focus  

Israel-Hamas: the gas war?

P.8 Conjunctures

Special File All about Hamas

THE ORIGINS OF THE BARBARITY OF 7 OCTOBER Nazi sympathies and viral anti-Semitism inspire Hamas By Ian Hamel

THE LEGACY OF HATRED Where does Hamas’ obsessive Judeophobia come from? By Pierre Rolet

POLITICAL ISLAM AND JIHADIST DOGMATISM How the terrorist ideology of Hamas uses religion to legitimize hatred By Malika Madi

BEYOND THE SUNNI-SHIA DIVIDE Iran’s sulfurous ties with Hamas

and the Muslim Brotherhood By Emmanuel Razavi

DOCUMENT Pasdaran & Muslim Brotherhood: The unspeakable Alliance By Gérard Legraud

P.18 Expertise

JUDEOPHOBIA Why does the “Arab street” not condemn Hamas? By Hamid Zanaz

BELGIUM When Brussels protests against Israel and hides the horrors committed by Hamas! By Nadia Geerts

SWITZERLAND Will Hamas (finally) be on the list of terrorist organizations? By Ian Hamel

ISRAEL-PALESTINE The terrible dilemma of Israeli Arabs By Malika Madi


Anne Fornier  “Europe must take the risks of earthquakes and volcanoes seriously” Interview by Emmanuel Razavi

P.30 Investigations

Document What do European security services say about the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe? By Lorenzo Vidino

P.36 Culture

BOOKS Patrice Franceschi “‘‘The West is suffering from a post-heroic syndrome that sacralizes the victim” Interview by Joseph Martin

 P.38 Post Scriptum

ONCE A GENOCIDAIRE, ALWAYS A GENOCIDAIRE Why Erdogan loves Hamas By Martine Gozlan